Frequently Asked Questions?

What is indiTESP?

IndiTESP is a unique offering from the Concept Group, with diverse business interests across consulting, business process optimization, outsourcing services, etc. indiTESP's tech-enabled platforms offer unique sales and marketing services to various international companies who want to take a phased approach to test, validate, and invest in India.

How does it work?

IndiTESP helps in creating a plan of action and a distribution model for your company to establish a presence in the current market. Our tech platforms offer a unique opportunity to the international brands to sell their product in India with less exposure to regulatory obligation and offer complete control on your inventory from import to retail sales point.

How do indiTESP offer transparency and monitoring of stocks across sales and distribution points in India?

We at indiTESP believe in the 3T principle- Technology, Transparency and Trust. Our digital platform gives login access to the client for tracking their stocks, billing & invoicing, marketing spends, sales, distribution channels etc.,

How does indiTESP help in increasing brand awareness and distribution reach across India?

At indiTESP, our experienced marketing team, and affiliates create a client marketing plan for brand awareness, engagement, and retention. The marketing plan generated is customized to suit Target consumers across different demographics and geographies.

How will indiTESP protect client brand ideology and brand promise?

Our client engagement team works closely with the brand team to understand and absorb brand ideology and promise to develop a market and communication strategy in line with brand promise. We create a plan of action and distribution models according to your company's ideology and brand promise.

How will indiTESP protect the client from copycats, copyrights and trademarks violations in India?

At indiTESP, our team will work with the client brand team to understand the brand guidelines and brand handbook for developing and using content for India. Our official Legal partners guide us on any brand and IP protection requirements that need to be followed to prevent any brand infringement by a third party.

How will indiTESP grow client business in India?

We at indiTESP follow a diligent procedure to perform product and pricing (P&P) evaluation to keep the brand aware of opportunities and constraints of the Indian market. The P&P study helps us work along with the client to develop a business plan for five years to showcase how their business will grow in the market.

How will indiTESP enable local packaging and local sourcing of products for the clients?

Being a part of the Concept Group, indiTESP offers specialized services for product localization, packaging development, vendor development, RM sourcing, etc. For privileged sourcing assistance, indiTESP introduces the client to the CIBC team.

How is indiTESP’s tech advantage secured from cyber-attacks?

The indiTESP website has multi-layered security protocols built-in by design in line with data Centre level protocols that ensure protection from any cyber-attacks and prevents data breaching of any kind.