Consumer Goods

India’s retail sector is growing rapidly, and we make it easy for you to find the best opportunities in the sector. We are here to help you tap into India’s massive opportunity chest through import distribution and analytical skills.
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Tapping into India’s Retail opportunity

  • Understand the Indian Market Scenario
  • Navigate through the regulatory and import requirements
  • Formulate an Import Distribution roadmap
  • Product placement across relevant retail distribution channels
  • Get real-time business insights and analytics through indiTESP.

Empowering Brands to Engage with Customers with Our Omnichannel Distribution Network

We help brands to reach Indian consumers across relevant channels such as e-commerce, modern trade, hyperlocals, and general trade depending on their target segment, bringing an omnichannel reach to the products. We also provide the required seamless distribution and logistics support across regions.

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Product Segments

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Consumer Packaged

The consumer goods industry in India is very competitive. It is imperative for brands to have sales and marketing strategy to succeed in the Indian market. Consumer packaged goods like FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) have become a necessity nowadays, not only in malls, supermarkets but also in small retail outlets. Therefore, we employ multiple techniques and strategic viewpoints to give your brand and products an edge over the others.

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Consumer Durables

Consumer durable goods is a CPG industry segment that focuses on the retailing of large, premium, and cyclical purchased products such as household appliances, kitchen appliances. Tapping into the consumer durables market requires in-depth market knowledge and expansion strategies that appeal to the consumers. indiTESP assists businesses in drawing personalized strategies and models that help them grow in India.

Our Services

Our Services

Regulatory Support

For new foreign brands entering the Indian market, figuring out all the regulatory norms and requirements can get challenging. The sheer number of legal channels to be followed can sometimes seem overwhelming. Our regulatory experts ensure you comply with all legal norms, registrations, and regulations before going to market.

Sales and Marketing

Be it B2B orB2C, we play a key role in ramping up sales by evaluating and selecting key products, potentially profitable territories, relevant distribution channels, and progressive retail channels that would further place the product closer to the consumer.

Our Services
Our Services

Supply Chain and Logistics

Our experienced logistics team manages end-to-end supply chain and logistics to ensure seamless import, warehousing and last mile delivery to Indian consumers.

Marketing Insights and Growth Strategy

We provide real time market feedback and product acceptance levels by Indian Consumers. We assist you in determining the best product basket, price, and placement for your brand in India.

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Our Services

TESP Analytics

With numerous alternatives to choose from in today’s competitive market, it becomes difficult for consumers to differentiate and choose your brand. Brands are turning towards analytical services to introduce, engage and retain Indian consumers in a cost-effective way and ultimately enhancing cost effective performance. indiTESP analytics helps businesses gather better insights, increase visibility, and improve sales.

Customer Service

Customer relations are of utmost importance to ensure that your business is sustained in the long run. According to statistics, 90% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Customer service is no longer an “add-on” for a successful business venture; it has become the focal point. Therefore, it has now become a necessity for businesses to take customer service seriously. indiTESP assists businesses in ensuring a seamless customer experience and improved engagement.

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