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Proudly 100 percent Australian, OzKleen stands out in a class of its own, not just for its environmentally-conscious values, but also because cleaning products work". Free from chlorine, ammonia, and phosphates, OzKleen's range covers the entire house.

OzKleen's philosophy is to produce a range of eco-friendly, scientifically advanced products that can genuinely help people save time and effort. During the past 20 years, OzKleen has been investing time and expenses to source ingredients that are safe for the long-term user, and so better for the environment. Ozkleen aims to ensure that both your house and the environment remain clean. After all, if we look after nature, nature will look after us. Ozkleen conducts all its innovation and liquid cleaning product manufacturing from its facility in Queensland, Australia. OzKleen offers a safe, innovative alternative to the hazards of many household cleaning products, so make the switch and have a clean and worry-free home.