Who are we?

indiTESP is a unique offering from the Concept Group, which has diverse business interests across Consulting, Business Process Optimization, Outsourcing services, etc. As an offering from Concept Group and the brainchild of CIBC (Concept International Business Consulting Private Limited), indiTESP would like to offer unique sales and marketing services to various international companies that want to take a phased approach to test, validate, and invest in India.

Concept Group is headquartered in Mumbai and has regional offices across metro cities in India. The CIBC team consulted more than 650+ companies in their pursuit to understand, evaluate, and enter India in a calibrated manner, and has deep insights and expertise across different product segments and industries to measure what it takes to succeed in the market.
indiTESP and CIBC aim to provide effective solutions and unique marketing services to establish success for various companies venturing into the Indian market.

What do we do?

To phrase it simply we enable sales in India through technology.
To establish your company’s presence in the market, choosing the right partner is an important decision. We at indiTESP are tech-driven and offer sales as a service through our indiTESP platform for sales and distribution in India. With our in-depth market insights, foreign players can gain a larger perspective and alter their sales, marketing, inventory, and distribution strategies accordingly.
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indiTESP’s tech-driven sales service enables international companies and export managers to find a visible response on stocks, stock placement, sales, and customer experience across different distribution channels without being physically present in the market.

Our approach is what differentiates us

Process Driven

Digital First

Resource Optimisation

Collaborative Planning

How do we work?

We work with Brands to understand the brand philosophy & brand promise to prepare a joint business plan for India. IndiTESP team works as an extended arm for foreign brand to engage, connect with its Indian customers and do brand launch across relevant distribution channels.
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Our Infrastructure

Our offices and warehouses have been strategically located by understanding and adapting to the dynamic business environment and evolving distribution channels. Our associates across metros, Tier-1, and Tier-2 towns in India enable distribution directly across multiple channels. Our diverse distribution channels help you spread across multiple sales channels and ensure a wider reach and visibility in the market.
Custom clearance in Mumbai (US & EU) & Chennai (ASEAN)

Our Alliances

We at indiTESP offer seamless sales enablement services to international brands with a focused approach. Our partnership with specialized partners across different areas of the sales enablement and marketing ecosystem helps ensure effectiveness in our services. Our partnerships with major affiliates help deliver superior in class service, and hence, exceptional customer experience with utmost integrity and reliability.
Our Partnerships Offer
Freight Forwarding
Custom Clearance
Product Registration
Last-mile Delivery
Payment Gateway
E-commerce Marketplaces
MT chain
Sea Freight & Import Partner
Custom Clearance Partner
Product Registration Partner
Warehousing Partner
Payment Gateway Partner
Last Mile Delivery Partner
Online Marketplaces Partner
Modern Trade National Chains Partner
PR & Marketing Partners